Cricket Colony

I have started a cricket colony as food for Dawkins, my pet Leopard Gecko (check out his own page). I bought a storage box, cut a section of the lid away, then hot-glued plastic mesh over it. I didn’t notice, until it was too late, that a steady line of tiny ants had run a miniture highway up the leg of the metal frame the box was sat on, into the box, and had free range of the base of the box. They had killed quite a few crickets and were near impossible to get rid of.

My daughter checking for ants!

I cleaned out the box when all the crickets from that batch had either been fed to Dawkins or devoured by the tiny ants. I now have a new batch in the box and still ant free after 10 days (all it took was morning and nightly checks of the table legs and surrounding floor and wall).

I put some ground up cat food in there and a plastic cup with soaked tissue as a water source. I also throw in any food scraps from the kitchen. I have now bought a second box and am currently waiting to move the soil tray from the colony to the new box. Hopefully the soil tray will contain eggs and the babies can hatch in the empty box.

The crickets seem happy, chirping away!