leopard gecko

My first reptile as a pet!

The Wonderful Richard Dawkins!

The Wonderful Richard Dawkins!

I chose a Leopard Gecko as they are recommended for beginner Herpetoculturists. I don’t see too much of him except when I clean him out or handle him, he spends most of his time in his hide. His tank is a bit small but it’s only temporary until his new home is finished. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to get hold of clear Perspex in Jakarta! I hadn’t planned on buying one the day I got him as I hadn’t made his vivarium. But when I saw him in the shop he was in a shoebox sized wooden draw so I bought him and put him in an old fishtank I had. Anyway, I’m on the case and as soon as it’s ready I’ll post some pics. I’m sure Dawkins will appreciate it!

I mainly feed him crickets with mealworms as a supplement. Both of these I’m trying to breed and you can see my vain attempts on the corresponding pages.

Any advice from people who have Leopard Geckos would be much appreciated.